1. How many treatments will I need?

Normally 2 treatments will be required to get a longer lasting effect. The initial treatment will give you your shape and colour but often in the healing process the colour will soften or some colour will come off with the crust. A follow up treatment is usually required 4 to 6 weeks after the first treatment to perfect the brows and helps to keep them looking good for longer.

2. How long will my brows last?

This is very individual and will depend on a few factors. Lighter colours fade quicker than darker ones, sun exposure and exfoliation can fade them quicker. In short some people’s skin just holds the colour better than others. On average you will need them done every 2-3 years but some may need them at 18 months.

3. Will my skin care affect my tattooing?

If you are using cream with active ingredients, even if you put it on your forehead it can seep down to the brow area and can speed up the fading effect, but normally only minimally.

4. How often do I need to shave my eyebrows?

You never need to shave your eyebrows. You may need to pluck strays that are not in the new brow line but at no point do you need to shave.

5. How do I take care of my new eyebrows?

You cannot get them wet for 48 hours, and as little as possible for the first week, so no swimming or saunas and be mindful when showering. You will need to apply the cream that is provided two to three times a  day to keep them moist. You will be given written aftercare instructions at your appointment.

6. Does eyebrow feathering hurt?

Everyone is different but a topical numbing cream is used before and also during the treatment so most people just feel a slight scratching sensation which is not painful.

7. How safe is this procedure?

We take hygiene and sanitation very seriously. Our salon is registered with the local Health Department who do random inspections throughout the year. Everything we use is sterile/single use including the handles that hold the needle groups we use. Nothing is used on more than one person. Any left over pigment is thrown in the bin.

8. How long will my appointment take?

It depends on how much work you are getting done, but brows normally take between 1.5 and 2 hours. Some of this time is waiting for the initial anaesthetic  to take effect.

9. How do I choose a technician?

You need to ensure that your technician has extensive experience and  look at before and after photos of HER work, not photos taken from magazines. Word of mouth is also an excellent form of recommendation or online reviews if there are any.

10. How do I know I will like my new brows?

A full consultation will be held before any work is done. Suggestions will be given as to what would suit you  best and eyebrows drawn on. Only when you are happy with the result will any tattooing be done.

After your initial consultation we suggest you go and see as many of your family and friends as possible and get their opinion on your new “drawn on” brows before any tattooing is done.

11. Can anyone have this done?

Contra-indications for tattooing are chemotherapy, major heart problems, type 1 or 2 diabetes will need doctor’s clearance, problems with skin healing, weak immune system or blood disease, anxiety, pregnancy and breastfeeding.